2022 PA Micro Midget Race Series RULES

Classes and age requirement

500- 14 and up.  (younger drivers will be considered on a case by case bases)                                                           300- 12 and up.                                              300 Novice- 11 and up.

The following specifications have been prepared by PA Micro Midget Race Series as guidelines for the construction of a PA Micro Midget. No warranty of safety is expressed or implied as a result of this publication of rules. These are intended as a guideline and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or officials. Anything not covered by these specifications should be approved by the track officials and placed in writing. Continuous developments in auto racing and technology may mandate changes in these rules. However, it is our intent to enforce and police these rules throughout the season.
We strive to keep the competition equal and fair for all competitors. To accomplish this, IF IT DOESN’T SAY YOU CAN – DON’T!! Try to live within the spirit of the rules. If you have any questions, please contact series officials before you are found illegal for competition.
All cars should be constructed to look like Micro Midget. All cars must be equipped with complete body parts: hood, tail, side panels, belly pan, etc.

* No adding of winglets, or panels to increase downforce.

All cars must have legible numbers at the discretion of the scorers. No reflective numbers. Numbers must be printed on both sides of tail and nose at all times. Any letters must be 6″ by 1″ width. Numbers of the nose panel must be 6″ by 1″.
Roll cage thickness of .065 if six hookups. Must be well gusseted. Minimum 1¼” OD tubing. Must be 4130 chrome moly. Complete frame .065 minimum 1″ tubing may be used if wall thickness is at least .083. A 270 or 600 chassis may be used.
A) 300 class must use 270 wheels, 10×8 left rear and 10×10 right rear.
B) 500 class can use 10×8 or 10×10 left and 10×10-10×13 right rear wheels.
Tires are open.
*No chemical tire prep or treatment.
All steering and suspension parts that are bolted together must use locking nuts, safety wire or cotter pins.
All cars must have a firewall to separate the motor compartment and the fuel tank from the driver. Minimum thickness .040.
The belly pan must extend from the front of the seat to the front axle.
The steering mechanism must be constructed of a minimum of 5/8″ rod and 3/8″ heim ends.
All cars must be equipped with nerf bars extending to at least the inside of the tire, but not beyond the outside of the tire.
Sharp, pointed edges or objects will not be tolerated in cars. Only nerf bars can extend beyond the center line of the tires.
The fuel shut-off and the kill switch must be functional and accessible to the driver.
All wet cell batteries mounted in the cockpit must be covered and vented out of the cockpit area.
Brakes must be of sufficient strength so as to stop the wheels in the pits or stop the car while in motion while on the track.
Belt driven cars will not be allowed. Centrifugal clutches will not be permitted.
Seat belts and shoulder harness must be in good condition and race approved.
Helmets must be approved for competition, full-face shield (Snell 90 or 95) required.
All drivers are required to wear neck braces, arm restraints and fire resistant suits. Racing gloves are required.
Minimum weight of car and driver –
A) 300 class 650 pounds.
B) 500 class 750 pounds.
Adjustable shocks are allowed, but no cockpit adjusters.
**Only cockpit adjuster allowed is a pan-hard bar.
A) 300 class- Any single cylinder four stroke air cooled, single cam full production engine. Maximum of 300cc permitted. (only exception is Kawasaki Mojave 250 with max 2mm over bore)
After market high compression pistons allowed but must meet cc limits.
After market cam, rockers, retainers, keepers, valves and springs are allowed.
You may remove electric start parts, kick start parts, and reverse parts.
No porting of the head.
Aftermarket cdi is allowed in 300 class.
(If you are a push start car you must have your own push quad, the series nor the tracks are going to push start you)

B) 500 class- The Kawasaki EX500 Ninja And VN500 Vulcan, Suzuki GS500 twins and Honda CBR500 are the four 500cc engines allowed. They must remain stock.
.5mm over bore pistons are allowed for engine service only, must remain stock compression.
Aftermarket cam chain tensioner is permitted.

After market exhaust and silencers allowed.

A) 300 class- Stock carburetor’s (may re-jet as needed)  you may use a stock 36mm EX300 carburetor on other engines.            Any pod filter is allowed. Forced air induction will not be allowed.
87-94 octane pump gas is required, no race gas.
B) 500 class- Stock carburetor’s (may re-jet as needed). CBR 500’s must run stock fuel injection, but can use a power commander for fuel adjustments.
Any pod filter is allowed. Forced air induction will not be allowed. 87-94 octane pump gas is required, no race gas.

SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY: PA Micro Midgets, would like to inform any competitor, participant or crew member that the use of social media networks to promote any negative conduct via the internet may be grounds for suspension/revocation of their driver or any affiliated driver and/or may result in the offender being suspended from participating or attending any PA Micro Midgets events effective immediately. 

If you wish to discuss something that concerns you, we ask that you talk to us personally instead of posting negativity on social media. 

First time- You will be warned and asked to delete post.

Second time- One race suspension and asked to delete post

Third time- Three race suspension and asked to delete post.

At any time posts are not deleted, you will be suspended until they are.

Personal conduct policy: Unsportsmanlike conduct, threats of retaliation or encouraging rough driving will not be tolerated. Extreme use of profanity and vulgar language and disrespect toward series or track officials will not be tolerated. (you are responsible and accountable for your family, crew and friends). Any of these conducts may be cause for suspension at series officials’ discretion!