Fees and Payout

Gate fees range:  $10-$15
Entry fees:  300 novice $5  (no points or payout)
300 and 500 $10
Payout: see payout page HERE

General Information

  • Register at PA MICRO MIDGETS table.
  • Pill draw to determine heat race line ups.
  • 1-3 Heat races depending on car count.
  • Only 18 cars will start a feature (Lincoln we will start up to 24)
  • 8-12 cars will transfer to feature from heat races.
  • if more than 18 cars register we will run a B main.
  • Points will be given for heats and feature. see points breakdown.
  • Last race feature winner will start next race no better than 7th.
  • 8-10 lap heat races, 20-25 lap features
  • Raceceiver radios will be needed
  • transponder pouches or brackets will be needed

You are allowed 1 drop race, so your best 21 out of 22 races will go towards your season points.